Is your body screaming out for a detox?!

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Here are 11 tell-tale signs:

1. You constantly feel fatigued, stressed and overwhelmed

2. You experience frequent headaches and/or lack of mental clarity

3. You often have skin breakouts and blemishes and/or a tired, dull and lack-luster complexion

4. You seem to pick up colds, flus, bugs and viruses easily and are often on medication

5. Your digestion is troublesome, uncomfortable and irregular

6. You slip into making less-healthy food choices and often have fried foods, processed meat, dairy, gluten, processed foods, refined sugar or fast food

7. You frequently have coffee, alcohol, drugs (prescription or otherwise) or cigarettes

8. You are exposed to common environmental toxins such as carbon emissions, cigarette smoke, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fragrances and household chemicals

9. You are carrying excess body weight

10. You often feel emotionally unstable, depressed, unmotivated and lacking energy and enthusiasm for life

11. Your breath and BO seem to have an alarming stink, no matter how much deodorant or toothpaste you use 

During the Empowered Women’s Retreat Meals will be freshly sourced and healthy. They will consist of daily vegetarian options and you will be urged to follow diet and nutritional guidelines and participate in a cleansing detox with the intention to cleanse yourself internally, leaving you feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated.

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