We partner with many sponsors throughout the caribbean to help plan and execute our events.
Whichever location and retreat you decide to choose, we offer luxury accommodation showcasing beautiful rooms and surroundings, which are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating. Rooms are based on 2 people sharing or single occupancy.
Take a look at our retreat locations below.


Jamaica is in the north of the Caribbean, and where you can enjoy the glorious glow of its sunsets, relax on its beautiful white sandy beaches, and marvel at its verdant mountains and glittering waterfalls. Visiting this friendly island with its wonderful sense of fun, cannot fail to relax you. The spirit of Jamaica is irrepressible, and as rich as the lilt of its local patois and its reggae rhythms, for which the island remains famous.


Barbados is an island of contrasting landscapes. With its eastern side exposed to the Atlantic, dramatic views and scenery abound. To the west, however, on the mellow Caribbean side, are miles and miles of white, coral-°©‐sand beaches.
Barbados derives a great deal of its culture from its colonial history, and is
sometimes dubbed ’Little England’. Today, the island has a laid back charm, and dances to the many different rhythms of reggae, calypso, soca and pan music.


The only island in the world that contains a drive in volcano called Sulphur Springs. St Lucia is a lush and green land with 77% of its land area covered by forests. With it's jungles, waterfalls and beautiful beaches, St Lucia is warm and truly splendid place to be during the late spring to summer months. Thus making the most of the fruit and veg that are in season.


We have chosen Mexico as the perfect place to have a Glamping in the Caribbean Experience, as you are able to take in the beautiful landscapes and oceanic views while sleeping under the stars and becoming one with nature.

Mexico is one of the year’s hottest destinations, what with its secret island escapes, Caribbean coastline and cosmopolitan capital city, as well as its thriving restaurant scene and quirky colonial towns that are ideal for day trips.

We have to mention the world class conditions of Mexico’s beaches, from the waters around Baja California where you can whale watch, to the crystalline seas of Cancún and pristine white beaches of Tulum.

Mexican culture is a mishmash of influences, from the Mesoamerican to the indigenous to the Spanish, and that makes the country all the more fascinating. Experience tranquillity and become at one with nature.


The island of Costa Rica is known for its rich volcanic soil and gourmet coffee beans. One of its most famous beans Tarrazu is considered one of the finest beans in the wild. Costa Rica is beautiful wild. From the omnipresent jungles to an encyclopaedia of rainbow coloured animals. Costa Rica has it all. Lush cloud forests, vibrant jungles, white, black and pink sand beaches, overflowing mineral hot springs, mystical active volcanoes and mouthwatering exotic fruits. Even the towns and cities have undeniable tropical charm.


The Islands of The Bahamas is a 100,000 sq mile archipelago that extends over 500 miles of the clearest water in the world. 700 islands, including uninhabited cays and large rocks, total an estimated land area of 5,382 sq miles, and register a highest land elevation of 206 ft. Most notable, however, is that each island has it's own diversity that continues beyond geography, carrying through to the heart of The Bahamas, the Bahamian people. Nassau is the home of the Bahamian national capital, New Providence, and is the bustling hub that traces its heritage back to the shipwrecking days of the legendary pirate Blackbeard. Prized for its sheltered harbour, the city made history and preserved it beautifully in colonial mansions, cathedrals, 18th century fortresses and a Queen's Staircase whose 66 steps lead to a view not to be missed.

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