There’s so much going on at our Retreat's and we just can’t wait to see you! In cooperation with our sponsors, our team has been planning plenty of activities to keep our participants in shape throughout the year. Browse our schedule below to find out more, and if you need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Our meditation sessions are designed to elevate you spiritually, helping you to
connect to the higher consciousness.
There are thousands of studies that have shown mindfulness meditation can
positively impact mental and physical health. Whether it’s by reducing stress,
improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships, research shows
mindfulness works.


Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.
The health benefits of Pilates include: improved flexibility. increased
muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks.


Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques,
and meditation or relaxation.
In more recent years, it has become popular as a form of physical exercise based upon poses that promote improved control of the mind and body and enhance well being.
Yoga gives you strength, flexibility, and mind body awareness.


High intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.


Our hikes enable you to become one with nature. Depending on location you could
experience cane fields, gullies, tropical forests, wildlife and much more.
Not only is hiking good for your mental health, it also Improves cardiovascular
performance, increased endurance and toned muscles are also important outcomes of a well designed exercise program.


You will have the opportunity to interact with locals and learn some of their creative skills. This could be in the form of wood crafting, painting or creating authentic pieces of jewellery.
Our community activities will give you the opportunity to get your creative juices

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